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The eco-museum "THE ROOTS OF RURAL LIFE" highlights all the culture and heritage of Flanders and rural life.  


The term "ECOMUSEUM" was coined in France in 1971.

This period is marked by a desire to renew the museum and redefine its relationship with the public. The concept of eco-museum thus bears witness to a concern aimed at strengthening the link between the museum institution, its social environment and its environment.


The Ecomuseum: beyond the word

For more than fifty years now, in the local press and the various catalogues, we have been trying to get to know Flanders and the Flemings better. We talked about the land – always the same – the houses, the farms, the cottages and above all, the immense work of the people back home.  


We have, to the extent of our means, constantly defended them, even in difficult times and this, without any ulterior motive or calculation. Simply because, being Flemish, we have always felt very  close to the peasants, because as children, all our classmates were people of the land, because, finally, geographically and historically speaking, the vocation of this little corner of Flanders has always been agriculture. 

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