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Want space and fresh air? Do you want to discover with your family? Calm, nature, authenticity: our beautiful places to visit in the heart of Flanders, near the Belgian border.


Mont-Cassel and its mill

Cassel (Kassel in West Flemish/Dutch) renowned for its mill dominates the plain of the maritime and Belgian Frandres at an altitude of 176 meters, starting point for hiking trails. Authentic and endearing, Cassel was voted France's favorite village in 2018.

Flandre musée

Communal Museum Jeanne Devos in Wormhout

Located in lush greenery, in a very beautiful 18th century Flemish house, the Museum of Mademoiselle DEVOS houses the collections and furniture she donated to the City of Wormhout on her death. The old presbytery of Wormhout, built by the famous Abbot VANDEWAELE, was the residence of Miss DEVOS and Abbot LAMPS, former masters of the place who rest in the park where they planted the trees and flowers of Flanders.


Make a detour via Bergues and its belfry

In the Flemish plain, 9 km from the fine sandy beaches of Dunkerque-Malo-les-Bains, 15 km from the Belgian border and 40 km from the outlet of the Channel Tunnel, discover the small fortified town of Bergues, dominated by the silhouette of its belfry, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


The DESCHODT mill in Wormhout

Built in 1756, it is the most authentic windmill on a pivot in the region. It is also the only survivor of the 11 windmills present in the municipality of Wormhout. The appearance of steam mills, the passing of catastrophic laws for milling and wars gradually decimated them.
It is at a place called “Le Riecle” that Ignace COUDEVILLE built the Moulin de la Briarde, now called Moulin DESCHODT.


At the France - Belgium border

Make the most of your visit to the ecomuseum, located 10km from the Belgian border, so you can take the time to visit  to walk without pressure and to stop from time to time to taste the Belgian culinary specialties. Travel to Flanders, Brussels or elsewhere in Belgium and simply enjoy!


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